Hosting Hassles

I’ve been using Vidahost for my web hosting for many years, and until the last couple of months their service was superb. But then I made the mistake of moving to a newer shared server – and everything went wrong.

I suspect the new host is just overloaded, but email was unusably slow several times each day, the (virtually unused) website similarly sluggish, and then the final straw they blocked my home IP address because of too many IMAP requests. OK, it was a bit high – but in a multi-device family that’s the new normal.

I’ve now moved to AWS for hosting and Infomaniak¬†for email – so far so good, the “free” (for a year) EC2 server is much faster, as is the (not free) email.

Since I was moving, I also migrated to WordPress from Movable Type – seems OK, although it’s a lot less flexible in terms of accessing the underlying HTML.

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